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    Service BDC Agent Hiring and Placement Services – YES PLEASE!

    March 7, 2019

    So how goes your Service BDC?  If you’re typical day goes like this: “I wonder if … will show up today?”.  Holy smokes do I have news for you!

    What if dealers had only to pick up the phone and “order up” a Service BDC Agent on demand?  Sound like science fiction???  It’s real folks.  Recently Traver Connect introduced a program called “Traver Agent” whereby they source, hire, train, and deploy a Service BDC Agent straight into your dealership from your dealership’s local area.  Honest truth.  You focus on selling and servicing customers, they focus on keeping you staffed with high-quality, scheduler-trained, appointment setting experts out of the gate.  Your service BDC staffing wish has just been granted.  Who says Christmas has to be in December?!

    I’ll take two, thank you very much!


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    3 Service BDC Models – Part III

    June 26, 2018

    Hybrid Service BDC model

    This model is often referred to as backstop or overflow because the call center is there to back you up when you have your hands full and all your phone lines are all busy.  In this scenario the calls immediately roll over until your in-house agents are available once again.  This model allows you to keep a small contingent of internal BDC agents that you can oversee, and a scalable means to handle spikes in phone call traffic without having to increase your agent headcount.  In addition, usually the hours before and after your internal BDC agents work are covered, as well as for those times when either bad weather, vacation, illness, power outages, etc., is keeping your internal BDC staff from working.


    • Provides “call coverage insurance” for your BDC; service calls answered properly, professionally, and consistently.
    • Allows for immediate and scalable resolution to call volume spikes
    • Typically covers hours before and after your internal BDC operates
    • Provide your customers with a better overall experience
    • Minimizes hold times and average speed to answer during call spikes
    • Frees your service advisors, allows them to focus on their customers


    • Inconsistencies in messaging/experience may surface when comparing verbiage or scripts used by internal BDC agents with external BDC agents
    • Dealer is committed to paying for both internal BDC agents and external BDC agents; typically internal BDC agents are two, three, or more, times more expensive
    • Fees for the external BDC agents will vary from month to month, hard to predict what those costs will be

    There you have it – 3 ways to consider setting up your Service BDC.


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    BDC Operations, BDC Staffing

    Service BDC Agent Staffing, Do it Right

    June 8, 2018

    Many a service BDC has taken a wrong turn by just putting a warm body in a seat.  Don’t make this mistake, your BDC agents touch more customers than anyone in your business.  Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when recruiting and staffing your BDC:

    1. First off they should be mentally prepared, with their head totally in the game when the phone rings – every time.  Additionally Service BDC agents must be good listeners and show empathy.  In order to truly be empathetic you must have the right attitude and align with the customer very quickly.  Let’s face it, no one likes to take their car into the shop, so having the ability to deliver a professional and sincere phone call to start this customer experience is key.  Catch the call.
    2. Practice makes perfect.  Training is huge, a formalized training curriculum is a must, and incumbent upon leadership to deliver time and again.  Consistency is your best friend, take training seriously, create a culture of excellence, ensure your expectations are clearly delivered, and encourage your  Service BDC agents continuously.
    3. Be professionally succinct.  The call should be as short as possible without seeming rushed.  Really listen to the customer and take hints about urgency and cadence from the words being spoken.  Try to book an appointment as quickly as possible. Load the shop.

    Take your time during the hiring process, and use a phone interview to get a gut feel for their abilities.  Do a little role playing during the interview and you’ll be well on your way to getting the right person in the chair.


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