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Service BDC Agent Hiring and Placement Services – YES PLEASE!

March 7, 2019

So how goes your Service BDC?  If you’re typical day goes like this: “I wonder if … will show up today?”.  Holy smokes do I have news for you!

What if dealers had only to pick up the phone and “order up” a Service BDC Agent on demand?  Sound like science fiction???  It’s real folks.  Recently Traver Connect introduced a program called “Traver Agent” whereby they source, hire, train, and deploy a Service BDC Agent straight into your dealership from your dealership’s local area.  Honest truth.  You focus on selling and servicing customers, they focus on keeping you staffed with high-quality, scheduler-trained, appointment setting experts out of the gate.  Your service BDC staffing wish has just been granted.  Who says Christmas has to be in December?!

I’ll take two, thank you very much!


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